3.5 Quick Things re IP Video Surveillance and Security Solutions from CV Reps – December 9, 2009

CV REPS – 3.5 QUICK THINGS – an easy read update from CV Reps – representing the leading manufacturers in IP Video Surveillance and Security Solutions.

1.    Making More Money Via the Networkby Steve Payne, The Convergence Channel – December 2009
With the current economic climate, it is becoming crucial for systems integrators to place greater emphasis on providing value to their customers, and not just a technological solution.  The technology is part of that value, for sure, but… more

2.     Hybrid Video Surveillance Webinar – December 15th – DNF Security
An in-depth overview of analog and network-based systems, hybrid surveillance, and how to choose the right configuration, teaching you how to maintain your current investment and gain all of the benefits more

3.    Infinias – Intelli-M IP Access Control
At the heart of the system is the infinias Ethernet-enabled Integrated Door Controller (eIDC), which provides protection at a fraction of the size of conventional access control hardware. The eIDC fits into any standard 2-gang box and simply clicks into the mounting plate for easy installation. Intelli-M’s eIDC uses Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)… check it out

3.5       HD Video Surveillance – See the Difference (Video)
A short video slideshow of Arecont Megapixel images.  Even displayed at VGA resolution, these high definition images demonstrate the outstanding clarity and forensic detail that can be captured with the Arecont camera lineup, including the 8 megapixel, 180 degree camera… check it out


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