3.5 Quick Things re IP Video Surveillance and Security Solutions from CV Reps – July 20, 2010

1.   Arecont Introduces Reseller Partner Program – Arecont Vision

Arecont Vision’s Reseller Partner Program is a tiered program designed to help dealer & system integration reseller partners grow their business by leveraging … check it out

2.   Wireless Installer Essentials Training – HauteSpot Networks

Redwood City, CA – July 30th

HauteSpot Networks is pleased to announce its new HauteSpot Certified Partner (HSCP) program and the HauteSpot Certified Wireless Installer (HSCWI) professional designation. This program is targeted at security system integrators and value added resellers who desire to build competence in the design, installation and troubleshooting of wireless surveillance networks… check it out

3.   Massive Depth of Field  – GBO Security

To get good quality images, a conventional lens must focus on the foreground object OR the background object – it cannot hold focus on both. In contrast, the groundbreaking technology of the GBO lens system holds both the foreground AND the background in focus simultaneously. This is called massive depth of field (“MDOF”) focus… check it out for yourself

3.5    Online Training for IP Video Surveillance – IP Video Market Info

IP Video Market helps beginners understand the key issues and challenges in selecting and using video surveillance through hours of on-line video training. Unlike generic or manufacturer sponsored offerings, our training focuses on practical video… see the training titles


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