3.5 Quick Things re IP Video – CV Reps – February 1, 2011

CV REPS – 3.5 QUICK THINGS – an easy read update from CV Reps – representing the leading manufacturers in

IP Video Surveillance and Security Solutions.


Arecont Introduces New MegaView Series

Arecont has introduced the NEW Megaview Series.  Integrated megapixel camera, 4.5-10mm IR corrected vari-focal lens.  IR Illuminator and easy adjustable 3-axis bracket… see more


exacqVision Digital PTZ

In this video, exacq demonstrates their Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom function and the ability to setup regions of interest and multiple views from a single megapixel camera… check out the video


Understanding Coverage Area and Pixel Density with the AV8185DN

Understanding and setting proper expectations of what can be seen utilizing the NEW Arecont AV8185DN 180 degree Panoramic Camera is outlined in this handy document…view and print


CV Reps Linecard Update

Our linecard continues to evolve with some of the most advanced and innovative manufacturers in the IP Video Surveillance and Security industry… view and print


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