3.5 Quick Things re IP Video – CV Reps – May 5, 2011

CV REPS – 3.5 QUICK THINGS – an easy read update from CV Reps – representing the leading manufacturers in

IP Video Surveillance and Security Solutions.

1.   HauteSpot introduces Micro NVR
Complete, ultra-compact wireless IP router with a built-in full function
network video recorder.  Features the HauteRouterOS routing system combined with a MS Windows based NVR. 4”x4”x1”.  Check it out…
A Game Changer in Power Supply Solutions
If you had not heard, LifeSafety Power has introduced game changing power supply solutions that are easy to configure, networkable and more profitable for your business.  Here is a quick movie overview.  http://www.impactmovie.com/lifesafety_power/
Analog vs. IP and Megapixel Calculator
Wondering how many megapixel cameras it would take to equal that analog design?  How many analog cameras would it take to deliver the same resolution as the megapixel system you are proposing?  This calculator makes it easy to compare resolution and cost… check it out
Cut the Cables with MicroPower Solutions

MicroPower Technologies is the creator of the world’s most power-efficient, cable-free, solar wireless video camera technology. Watch our video to learn more

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