3.5 Quick Things re IP Video – CV Reps – May 25, 2011

CV REPS – 3.5 QUICK THINGS – an easy read update from CV Reps – representing the leading manufacturers in

IP Video Surveillance and Security Solutions.

1.    Understanding HD and Megapixel Cameras – SDM Magazine
The fastest growing segment of the security video market is the network or IP camera. And the fastest growing IP camera technologies are HD and megapixel.  Therefore, it is important to understand the difference… check it out
The Future of Multimedia Management – EVE Media Player
We got a preview of this at the recent ISC West show.  It is a super cool multimedia player – “the best tool yet developed for demonstrating the power of High Definition and Extreme Definition Video”… request a free download
Event Recording Solutions for Education and Law Enforcement
“The new system truly helps our students get better, faster. This results in better service to our clients. Their clinical experience is more robust, complete and effective.” … check it out
Welcome to the Cloud – Try ExacqVision Free
It’s easy to try out exacqVision software. Whether you’re interested in trying out the free client to see how easy exacqVision is to use, or whether you need to install the complete server software… download
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