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How to demo exacq VMS on iPhone and Blackberry

With your web-enabled browser on the iPhone or Blackberry, go to www.exacq.com/webview.   At this point you will have a pull down menu to choose which server you would like to view.  We highly recommend the Arecont Server.  From there your options will be SIMPLE, ADVANCED or CLICK HERE TO LOG IN. 

On the iPhone click ADVANCED

On the Blackberry click SIMPLE

Do not click CLICK HERE TO LOG IN, it is not necessary for demo purposes.

Once on you will see a list of cameras that you can choose.  Click on a camera to view it.  Enjoy.

Note:  On the iPhone, do not leave Safari and this page running, it will continue to stream the video in the background and run down your battery pretty quickly.

2009 Holiday Video

Just for posterity sake, I wanted to post our 2009 Holiday video.

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